Thursday, April 28, 2011


Too bad I can't wear t-shirts to work because this is what I would choose!  This and the monocle critter shirts.


Same people who did the monocle ones.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Is wearing a monocle difficult?  It seems that it would be like squinting only one eye for a long time, and I just tried, and it is uncomfortable.



I only need one spat!

My cane is super small!

Make fun of my moustache, and I will infect you!

Shown to me recently by a friend (thanks, Katie!).  You can see the other monocle-, bowtie-, and spats-wearing critters here.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

street fairs and ammonites

I love street fairs, and today that was where I finally got a fossil necklace!  I treated myself to one with an ammonite, by Yumi Chen.  In her bio, from her website:

Yumi Chen is an accomplished concert violinist, professional pastry chef, and mathematician. In 2003, she redefined herself as a jewelry designer and entrepreneur, launching her online store at

Apparently she got her degree in mathematics, studied pastry in Paris, and worked in New York and Boston restaurants for several years.  Now she designs jewelry.  Not sure when she got the concert violinist stuff done, but she is one accomplished woman!

Here's the necklace I got today:

A dead animal for my neck!

Yumi's other jewelry can be found here.


On a field trip with my first graders, I sat with one of my students.  We talked for a good fifteen minutes about what it would be like to have multiple lines of symmetry in our body.  Included in the amusing discussion:

- You could have another entire body attached to your back!
- You could have four faces: one in the normal spot, one on the back of your head, and one on each of your sides!
- You could have two feet on each leg!
- You could have eight eyeballs!
- You would need a lot of glasses for all those eyeballs!
- It would be really weird and funny!

- Important tangent discussion:  a) What if your face were on your belly and your stomach were in your head?  b) Where would you poop?  Answers:  a) It would be silly and b) out the back of your head, of course.

Fact of note: the student brought up the topic of alternative body symmetry, not me.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


DINOSAUR CHAIR!  Complete with little kids, too.

I didn't discover this on my own; this guy did.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

robots and brains

Food is always so much better when it looks like something else. Baked goods, such as cupcakes, always provide an opportunity for disguise.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

These cupcake holders are from the designers Fred & Friends.

moose on a bicycle

These notecards! Are cute! They are animals! Doing things they don't normally do!

Found at Anthropologie.

Monday, April 18, 2011

field trip in a mercedes

On a recent overnight school field trip, we took a Mercedes:

Pass judgement on the choice of transportation after seeing this. All students and teachers (only ten of us) were pleasantly happy with the Wi-Fi, reclinable leather seats, and door-to-door service. Ah, the luxury of chaperoning a middle school trip to an academic competition!

monocle-wearing dinosaur

top hat + bowtie + monocle + dinosaur = fancy schmancy saurus!

Saw this at the Museum of Science on a recent trip to Boston. The dino does look pretty sophisticated, doesn't he?

Tee acquisition can begin here.


One of the only books I have ever read that made me laugh out loud.  I prefer reading it in Tina Fey's voice.

Now I feel like she is my friend.

chipmunk mug

One side of the mug says "Was machen Sie?" I don't speak German, so thankfully the description on kindly informs me that it means "What are you doing?"

The other side of the mug says "Ich backe Apfelkuchen." Rough translation is that he is about to bake an apple pie.

I love ModCloth. You can find this cute chippy here.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

a brief introduction

I like a lot of things that I find on the internets and that I encounter in the real world. Here will be a gathering of such things, including but not limited to:

- mind-blowing stories,
- fun science experiments for kids,
- yummy-oh-so-yummy recipes,
- miscellaneous items with animals on them,
- pictures that I want someone else besides me to see,
- time-worthy books,
- cute clothing that I probably want to acquire, and
- things related to dinosaurs.

(Other items will definitely appear on this blog.)